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Jonas and MadieNW Fusion is a pre-professional dance company composed of advanced dancers between the ages of fourteen and eighteen years old. Through Fusion, these talented young artists are given the opportunity to learn and perform the works of renowned choreographers while experiencing the rigors of a professional career under the guidance of teachers and mentors. NW Fusion functions much like a professional company: its dedicated members spend numerous hours in the studio learning new choreography, perfecting dance technique and preparing for performances at venues throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The Company, which was founded in Tigard, Oregon in 2008, is unique in that its members must be proficient in a diverse range of dance styles including ballet, contemporary, jazz, and tap. Some of the Company's performance works are commissioned and created by locally and nationally renowned guest choreographers, while others are designed by the resident artistic staff. Despite the diversity of origins and styles, every dance in our repertoire shares a common trait: it strives to excite and entertain.

ChelseyTo become members of NW Fusion, dancers must audition before a panel of judges, who in turn are selected from among Portland's most distinguished dancers and choreographers. The Company extends membership offers to as many as twenty dancers each year, and dancers who are accepted into the Company commit to perform with NW Fusion for one year.

Our Mission

NW Fusion’s primary mission is to provide its dancers the training and experience needed to smoothly transition into successful careers in the entertainment industry. The Company emphasizes the values of dedication, teamwork, self-expression and artistic excellence to help its members grow as both artists and individuals.

A secondary, but equally important goal of NW Fusion is to inspire audiences and promote love of dance by delivering passionate performances based on extraordinary choreography. To fulfill its mission, Fusion presents theater performances throughout the year at public concerts, benefits, community events, fundraisers, and private parties and events.

NW Fusion gratefully accepts financial contributions to ensure the continued growth and stability of the company. We are excited about our current season and hope to see you at our upcoming shows and fundraising events. Thank you for your support!

Contact Us

For more information about NW Fusion including press packages and image licensing, please contact Brad Hampton.

NW Fusion Dance Company

11632 SW Pacific Hwy. Tigard, OR. 97223

Phone - 503-639-5388

Fax - 503-639-4348

Email - , Artistic Director

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